Adon of Muay Thai is the mightiest
   champion of THIS World!
Adon,   Street Fighter Alpha 2
Adon's Street Fighter Alpha 2 appearance
Personal Info
Date of Birth August 2, 19??
Nationality Thailand-Flag  Thailand
Height 5' 11"
Weight 160 lbs.
3-Size Unknown
Blood Type B
Street Fighter
Fighting Style Muay Thai
M. Bison
Moveset Jaguar Crunch
Jutting Kick
Rising Jaguar
Jaguar Kick
Jaguar Tooth
Jaguar Revolver
Jaguar Varied Assault
Jaguar Thousand
Jaguar Assassin

Adon (アドン Adon?, Thai: อาดอน) is a character in the Street Fighter series. Originally appearing in the first Street Fighter game as a Muay Thai warrior (Sagat's student) and the game's sub-boss, he was absent for the entire Street Fighter II series.

Adon returns in the Street Fighter Alpha series as a playable character, seeking to dethrone his disgraced mentor Sagat as "Emperor of Muay Thai", after his loss to Ryu.