Street Fighter Sprites Wikia
Street Fighter Sprites Wikia
The player takes control of the game's protagonist, a Japanese martial artist called Ryu, who is competing in
the international martial arts tournament to prove his strength. If doing two player mode, the second player
will assume the role of Ken, Ryu's former training partner and friendly rival, who challenges Ryu.

The single-player mode consists of a series of battles against ten opponents from five different nations. At the beginning of the game, the player can choose the country where their first match will take place: the available choices are Japan or the U.S., as well as China or England (depending on the game's configuration). The player will then proceed to fight against two fighters from the chosen country before proceeding to the next country.

Name Location Appearance Icon
Adon-SF-Name.png SF-Thailand-Flag.png Adon-SF-Stance.png Adon-SF-Icon.png
Birdie-SF-Name.png SF-England-Flag.png Birdie-SF-Stance.png Birdie-SF-Icon.png
Eagle-SF-Name.png SF-England-Flag.png Eagle-SF-Stance.png Eagle-SF-Icon.png
Geki-SF-Name.png SF-Japan-Flag.png Geki-SF-Stance.png Geki-SF-Icon.png
Gen-SF-Name.png SF-China-Flag.png Gen-SF-Stance.png Gen-SF-Icon.png
Joe-SF-Name.png SF-USA-Flag.png Joe-SF-Stance.png Joe-SF-Icon.png
Ken-SF-Name.png SF-USA-Flag.png Ken-SF-Stance.png Ken-SF-Icon.png
Lee-SF-Name.png SF-China-Flag.png Lee-SF-Stance.png Lee-SF-Icon.png
Mike-SF-Name.png SF-USA-Flag.png Mike-SF-Stance.png Mike-SF-Icon.png
Retsu-SF-Name.png SF-Japan-Flag.png Retsu-SF-Stance.png Retsu-SF-Icon.png
Ryu-SF-Name.png SF-Japan-Flag.png Ryu-SF-Stance.png Ryu-SF-Icon.png
Sagat-SF-Name.png SF-Thailand-Flag.png Sagat-SF-Stance.png Sagat-SF-Icon.png

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