Each character in Street Fighter Alpha 2 has two rival characters - a secret rival who they fight mid tourna-
ment if the player fulfils certain requirements, and the main rival boss who they fight on the last stage.

For the mid tournament rival, the 'HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER' screen will appear at the start of the current round. The rival will take the place of the original opponent in the fight (the stage will still be that of the original opponent's however).

After both players have finished their intro taunt, the screen will fade, and two dialogue boxes will appear. The fighters will then exchange a few words (usually insulting) before the fight occurs. Most players have a different rival, except Gen and Chun-Li, who have each other (different dialogue will occur however depending on who player 1 is).

The main character's rival at the end of the tournament also has a short exchange of words before the battle commences, like the mid tournament rivals. Of course, the final boss rival is different to the mid tournament rival for all characters.

Mid Tournament Rivals

This is a list of all dialogue between each character and their rival.

Final Battle Bosses

This is a list of all dialogue between each character and their boss.


There are 2 ways in which Player 1 can fight Shin Akuma, either meeting certain requirements during a playthrough with a character, which will result in Shin Akuma fighting player 1 just before the final boss battle, or pressing Arcade-Button-MPunch Arcade-Button-MKick and then start at the same time on the main menu screen, to bring up the character select to fight Shin Akuma.

The same dialogue occurs regardless of who player one is or what game mode has been chosen.


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