Street Fighter Sprites Wikia
Street Fighter Sprites Wikia

The Street Fighter III series consists of three games, starting in 1997 with the release of Street Fighter III: New Generation and ending with Street Fighter III 3rd Strike: Fight for the Future in 1998. The Street Fighter III series was the last sprite based Street Fighter series. SF3-Flyer.png



Character SF3-Logo.png SF32I-Logo.png SF3TS-Logo.png
Akuma-SF3TS-Name.png No Yes Yes
Alex-SF3TS-Name.png Yes Yes Yes
Chun-Li-SF3TS-Name.png No No Yes
Dudley-SF3TS-Name.png Yes Yes Yes
Elena-SF3TS-Name.png Yes Yes Yes
Gill-SF3TS-Name.png Yes Yes Yes
Hugo-SF3TS-Name.png No Yes Yes
Ibuki-SF3TS-Name.png Yes Yes Yes
Ken-SF3TS-Name.png Yes Yes Yes
Makoto-SF3TS-Name.png No No Yes
Necro-SF3TS-Name.png Yes Yes Yes
Oro-SF3TS-Name.png Yes Yes Yes
Q-SF3TS-Name.png No No Yes
Remy-SF3TS-Name.png No No Yes
Ryu-SF3TS-Name.png Yes Yes Yes
Sean-SF3TS-Name.png Yes Yes Yes
Shin-Akuma-SF3TS-Name.png No Yes Yes
Twelve-SF3TS-Name.png No No Yes
Urien-SF3TS-Name.png No Yes Yes
Yang-SF3TS-Name.png Yes Yes Yes
Yun-SF3TS-Name.png Yes Yes Yes

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